Frankenstein came home with me

After a 2:00AM night of work ending a incredibly busy week, I decided to play hookie today and go look at bases. I’ve been looking at basses for a number of weeks and I fell in love with this one today and it wound up coming home with me. It is a early 1900’s german carved round back. It purrs with a light growl and can get even more aggressive sounding. I have Frankenstein strung up with obligatos for the E and A, weich D and mittel G. A full set of obligatos mellows out the top end while still purring on the low 2. All the reading I have done on strings lately lead to this experimentation.

Being a century old,
Frankenstein has all sorts of repairs. It is really wild actually how much character Frankenstein has. The shop I bought is from was awesome and are standing behind the bass for a year. I drove home feeling really good and I just did a little recording of it. I will post a little bit of that in the next few days.

I just had to post about it. I am so freaking excited.

Aloha T,


Can you post a lil ‘taste’ in the ‘Made with Cubase’ forum
so we can all hear a bit of it?

Doesn’t have to be much.

Just a lil ‘somethin-somethin’ .


Was this Frankenstein’s Violin :smiley:

Looks great !


I will post something later today. Have brunch with my pop in a few minutes then after, publishing Sandy volume2! After that I will record something and share it :slight_smile:

Trying to keep my hands off Frankenstein! Way too easy to NOT do what needs to be done.

I hope to meet it one day! Nice catch Tom! :sunglasses:

Sending much Aloha and ‘Melekalikimaka’ to you and yours


Sooo jealous! Quietly looking for one myself. Looks great. How much and do you use a bow at all?

really nice bass… I play DB myself so I can kind of imagine what you’re going through…
cool, enjoy :slight_smile:

It has been done:

There is a sample of Frankenstein there :sunglasses:

Thanks. This one is so different to my other one. I can feel my other one will be neglected.

I do bow sometimes but I mostly pizz. I have to get better at bowing. Bowing does lead to better pitch and fingering when practiced.

Do you play now? If not and this is your first DB, shoot me a PM and I can fill you in with everything I came across this round of purchase. I scoured the net for info and it is all fresh in my head. So, feel free to shoot me a PM if ya like.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate that.

Robin, we have to work something out one of these days.

Its a lovely bass… no question, a great score. I played the viola way back when, this and Glyn’s adventures is an inspiration to get my hands on something sooner than later. :sunglasses:

If it all works it sounds to me like ‘VST Connect SE’
is going to used quite a bit in the near future. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Had to play Pizz and Bow in a theatre gig for Neil Hannon a couple of years ago. Got a general feel for it. I play E Bass a lot (and have too many - trying to sell a USA Spector XL5 if you’re interested) but spend most of my time as either an actor or composer. However, the general instrumental bug has really hit me this year. Thanks for the offer of help! Will pm you later. :smiley:

Beats the price of a ticket to Hawaii! :wink: :laughing:

There are no exceptions to Hawaii :slight_smile: That was one of my best trips. Oahu… I arrived to visit an ex (yeah I know) then was told she didn’t feel right having me there and kicked me out. I don’t know… maybe she expected nookie or something, but I wasn’t feeling it. Anyway, that same day, a friend called me and said where are you at. I said waikiki. He said me too! He surprised visited me from LA. And I had a place to stay for a few days. The night before he left, I got a call from a girl I met on the airplane and was invited to the north shore. He left, I went to the north shore and was given a place to stay the rest of my visit.

Magical place I tell ya. :slight_smile:

Where everyone gets lei-ed! :laughing: :sunglasses: