Fraunhofer releases free tools for MPEG-H

All is Here:

Anyone can get freely the toolkit for MPEG-H in association with Nuendo 13 for’Mac and PC.

It seems Fraunhofer Institute want to make MPEG-H easy to release and could beat Dolby Atmos in a few months. Nothing Free exists at Dolby for ATMOS.



It was long overdue that they made it available to the public. In recent years, you could only download the software if you could show a ‘legitimate interest’.
Unfortunately, it is not entirely clear what version the tools are. The last version that was available only after registration was version 5.0.0 (Authoring Suite). At least that’s the version I currently have on my computer.


I just checked the website: The current version is 5.1.

Yes, MPEG-H seems much more complicate than Dolby Atmos with more functionnalities.

A lot of people are asking How to Play MPEG-H productions on a computer but nothing seems to exists.

Some people say all smartphones with Android 12 and more can Play natively MPEG-H wich would be a huge advantage because most of people listen Music and Audio with their smartphone and headsets. Plus SONY Audio 360 wih is already MPEG- H ( they sell an autoring tool for 550 euros ). I don’t know if it is mandatory to produce Sony 360 Audio content or if Nuendo 13 can do the job all Alone.

We will see How things evolve… sad to see Steinberg hasn’t integrated MPEG-H into Cubase 13 like they have done for Dolby Atmos in Cubase 12 before.

The MPEG-H suite has a conversion tool that allows you to convert an ADM master file to the Sony 360RA format (.3daa file). However, I have never tried what you can do with it. Our studio does post for TV and cinema. We don’t do music, so we have little to no exposure to the Sony format.

One more page about Nuendo 13 and MPEG-H standard:

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Thanks very much for this information. It seems Sony Reality 360 is a major MPEG-H format with very minors changes.

Their tools sold for 550 euros seems to do What Nuendo 13 already do with all the mastering. It is just the UI and some options wich are differents.

I will make some tries and come back for the informations.


That would be nice! It would be great if you could do without the extra plugin.
Thanks for testing this.

@Pierro787 : Have you had time to try it out yet? :blush:

Has anyone tested if Franhuffer’s tools work correctly with Nuendo 12?

Yes it does. A year back we had a project where we were asked for the deliverables for both Atmos and MPEG-H and we didn’t have any Issues in Nuendo 12 though we ended up creating the final deliverables in Resolve. Of course Resolves implementation of Franhuffer’s MPEG-H is stellar making the whole process very easy as a piece of cake.
I think Nuendo has done the same with 13.