Freakin' Me Out - a Lyric Video

This is a song/lyric video I created as a response to one of my family getting sucked down the hole that is “Q”. I also did a Dolby Atmos mix. For that you’ll need to play the file through Apple TV or whatever Atmos device you have. I hope you enjoy!

(Song and video copyright belong to me, all footage is license and royalty-free).

First of all, I hope your family member emerges from that hole. Whatever happened to critical thinking? That’s another matter though.
The “Dolby” Atmos reference is an interesting one in a “pun”-ny way because this song totally made me think of Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science”. Not sure if you know that one, but it was in “heavy rotation” back in the early 80’s. Check it out, and you’ll hear what I mean.
Regardless of that resemblance, this was well performed and recorded, and, in my opinion, you’re a better singer than Thomas was. The video was as cute as it was alarming-what an amazing world we inhabit!
Just as a matter of taste, I’d prefer a bit more going on instrumentally and/or harmonically in the song itself, but if you’re good with where it is in that regard, don’t do another thing to it. Good luck with this, and prepare yourself for the vitriol from those who don’t get “the message”.

Thank you for watching! I love Thomas Dolby, so I’ll take your words as a compliment! As far as vitriol, I’m already numb to it. I’ve been accused of being not worthy of living, and threatened. To me it just proves my point even further. I’m not afraid. Regardless, thanks again for watching, I really appreciate the feedback! :grinning:

Jesus said: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

I don’t know if he really existed, but if he existed today, 2000 years later, and he was trying to save the world as described in these so-called holy scriptures, well, the humanity would crucify him again. So is humanity. She is afraid of difference and it is in her genes to control or get rid of this difference and that in the name of this illusion that is democracy.

Still, I like this kind of songs that try to raise awareness. You can’t change the world, but every human being can do their part.

Musically, the piece is fine as it is. Very good work!

Rene, thank you for watching, and for the really wonderful kind words. I’d never tried writing a song that pokes the body politic, but I’ve had it with bullies and untruths, especially from. my own family. Done. They will never hear this most likely, but it doesn’t matter, I got it out of me and it has been a positive thing for both me and those I’ve shared it with, so that is all I can ask. Thanks again for watching!

Crazy times. Well done, though!