+Freature request: Auto color track by entering a track name

last time I asked for a feature to set a track color by entering a track name.
For sure colors must be predefined. Here is an example how it can look.

If the word does not exist in any of these color schemes , then the track color doesn’t change.
That would help to stay organize for small and large projects and in the complete workflow.



You could do that using the Project Logical Editor. You’d need to do a Preset for each color & string them together with a Macro.

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Chris Selim just did a video on the PLE that shows an example of track coloring. Not exactly the method you describe, but it may be helpful.

An other:

But must admit, the idea of Roger is quick and easy to handle. No struggling with setting and not finding the right way to do. The ideas is so fast and clean… Anita directly with color window!! perfect!! Thank you, Roger I’m vote for this.

I like this idea!

This is possible with PLE as @raino already said, but the allure of the whole idea is having all this happen automatically, either for a project or globally, without the user having to apply the preset over and over when we create new tracks.