Freddy Holm - "Safe Journey"

Norway’s finest voice passed away today. Hilde Heltberg.
I produced her last album “Elske Fritt”, and she was just the nicest person.
I wrote and recorded this song today in her memory.

Loved this Freddy. Thanks for posting and taking the time out to do a video. Sound quality is excellent for Youtube :sunglasses:


Nice, Freddy. Well done - and a nice tribute to your friend.


Thanks guys!
I appreciate that.
Here’s a link to the audio only, if someone is interested.

Yeah that was really nice, good effort!

Very cool playing Freddy.

All the best from another Eastfold picker.

Kim :slight_smile:

Really, really cool! Brought a smile to my face despite it’s sad inspiration. :sunglasses:

Great playing. I couldn’t believe how good it sounded on YouTube.
I have to admit, I normally avoid the Youtube posts but saw the good comments and decided to check it out.
I am glad I did! Very nice.

Great work, Freddy!

Thanks a million for your positive replies, guys!
It brightens up my day…

nice to see another eastfoldending here :slight_smile:

Dave Keir,
I didn’t want it to be a sad song, 'cause she was just so full of life
and always had a smile on her face :slight_smile:


That was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. You do such a great job capturing your excellent playing. It’s a wonderful tribute.

like others are saying… really cool! and sound quality is excellent.

i’m sure it made Hilde happy wherever she is :slight_smile:

Nice one, Freddy! :slight_smile:
From yet another eastfolding.

Thanks everybody!
I went over to Urørt and listened to Foghorn, and WOW!
You guys are great!
Plus it’s great to see that there isn’t just revy and Ledin coverbands coming
out of Fredrikstad :wink:


Thanks, Freddy! :slight_smile:

Hi Freddy,

This is really wonderful and it sounds great!

Thanks for sharing.