Fredo 10.0 Update Preview

Here it is, I just stepped over it on Facebook - the first preview of Fredo 10.0:

You don’t want to know what this upgrade costs …
For the moment I’ll stick with v1.0 until all bugs are ironed out.


But I am looking forward for all those new features!

  • The new Stereo-Ultramaximizer for 10.2 sound even in stereo
  • larger than life booster for making to sound a mosquito like an elephant
  • Fredo 10.0 will actually hear you typing - at home - so Fredo 10.0 will be able to answer posts in seconds.
  • Fredo 10.0 has an integrated Space-Bar-Sound-Detection which adds the brand and model of your keypad to your post (please make sure that we can disable this with a checkbox)
  • integrated fart-expander (when used the other way round - this needs a checkbox as well)

well… all those features are must-haves though I indeed fear that the price will be high because it is hardware-bundled…

Lower and upper side band …
The upgraded model does 44.1 and 88.2 kHz, instead of analog…
This is the portable version … . with extra room for the ear hair.