Free 32 bit plugins (leagal)

I just found these they look pretty old im sure some of you lot already have or seen them.

dont know if their much cop
but hey their free

I’ve read that these are truely excellent! :slight_smile:

I read about them in another forum then googled… :slight_smile:

just having a listen to your music…

quality stuff Sherz


Have you used these before?

yep lets hope so steve i have downloaded them gonna try um out tonight see how they work…

Looking good, are they 64-bit?

edit: nope, they’re not :frowning:


I’ve tried some of the in the past. Some were ok and some not so ok. Can’t remember which now. I don’t think they were any better than the cubase included plugins. They were not as exciting as the gui might suggest once the novetly had worn off. :wink:

I much prefer Bootsy’s plugins (now Variety Of Sound) Nasty DLA is great. I like Boot eq Mk2 as well. His Baxter eq Nasty VCA and Pre-Fix are good too. Some these are on par with fairly high priced plugs IMHO.


Not until today! This thread reminded me to revisit and check em out. My biggest gripe with them is their GUI interfaces are REALLY hard for me to read :open_mouth: My ‘old’ eyes are ok with everything else I have on-screen, but many of these plugins are a strain. Sonically…well, too early to tell if there anything outstanding (to me). The Analoger seems quite good so far… simulates tape. I have it across my buss on a current mix and it seems to be doing some pleasing things to the sound. I’ve also used one of the compressors. It seems to compress! :laughing:

Yep, they are great and get good reviews! :sunglasses:

Check them out: