Free Alto Glock and Guitar Essentials Activation Keys

I have submitted frequent requests for free download of Alto Glock and Guitar Essentials via Steinberg website and am told that an email with activation codes will be sent to my email address. I never receive the emails. The process takes me to mySteinberg account but I never get any emails from Steinberg with the activation codes. Any help welcome.

Yep! Same here! I have requested many times to get trial codes doe a LOT of their software demos ans NEVER get codes sent to my email. I’ve had some luck chatting with their tech support online. This needs to be fixed.

Seems to be a problem at the Steinberg end. No emails containing activation codes are ever sent from their website. I finally got the activation codes by sending a email to the Steinberg distributor in my country. They were kind enough to answer my email and send the activation codes.

I didn’t have any issues receiving the codes via email. Perhaps they fixed it.

Nope they haven’t. I can’t get a trial code even for the Elements Promo.