free CMC CH for all

for touchOSC

download rtpMIDI from Tobias Erichsen here.
establish a TouchOSC-MIDI-connection/MIDI-port

download the touchOSC-file here.
upload it to your TouchOSC app

download the generic remote here
import it into cubase as a new generic remote, set MIDI I/O

have fun.

It’s not finished yet, but I’m hungry now, maybe another day…

(freeze doesn’t work with the generic remote, the shift page isn’t done… on the other hand, you get a “pan center”, a vu, a peak LED with peak reset and a “fader to 0dB” button more than on the real CMC)

Thanks but the generic controller map doesn’t download properly.

try right-click->save as…

or download both files from this zip.

I noticed some touchOSC buttons better be toggles… well… another day…


Thank you so much for this. You’ve opened up a new world for me!

I knew nothing about TouchOSC before this post, and now I’m making my own templates for various uses.

Here’s something I figured about your template though, the mute, record status, solo, and monitor work better as CCs than midi on events.

I know you are trying to replicate the look of the CMC CH, so it makes sense why you did what you did.

In general, TouchOSC is pure gold!

I’m making a template for the drummer in one of my bands so he can control the sends to his headphone monitors with his iPhone. To him, I’m a fricken genius! :wink:

Thanks again for the template and introducing me to TouchOSC!

It was a fast work, just to replicate the CMC. With TouchOSC you’re way more flexible integrating remote control in your very own workflow :slight_smile: