free comments or comments attached to page or flow

Dear developers and users,

Dorico currently supports comments attached to bars of specific players if I correctly understand the feature.
Ia there a way to add comments to the followings?

  • the comments to text frame (title, subtitle, composers etc.)
  • the comments to music frame on a specific page
  • the comments to graphics frame on a specific page
  • the comments to flow
  • the comments to a specific page

You can add comments to the “Other Information” field of each Flow. Though obviously, they won’t show up if you export Comments.

I don’t think you can add Comments to any of the other things. Given that Comments don’t print, what sort of comment would relate to a page itself, regardless of what music was on it?

The short answer is no, you can’t attach comments to anything other than a position in the music. At the moment we have no plans to extend the comments functionality beyond the current approach of attaching them to the music.

@benwiggy and @Daniel
Thank you for the kind answers!

Daniel, at the moment I only can see comments in the list on the right side, if I’m inside the flow, I am working on. If I have a big project with lots of flows, it’s quite easy to overlook a comment. It would be helpful if there would be a list of all comments inside Dorico. Now I have to export the list, but this means, that it won’t be synchronised anymore.