Free content with GA5se?

When down loading Cubase and Groove Agent ect , it’s not exactly clear what the free content are , i know if i click on the Your products it gives you a list but most of the kits are tagged optional , do they require extra licences or are they included with GA se ?

Everything that’s in the list in the Cubase tab is included in the Cubase license.

Groove Agent and its content are a separate license.

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So all ‘optional’ content is free with the Cubase licence is it ?

So as great wise one said all content under the Cubase tag that’s Optional is with the Cubase licence ive just downloaded 10 gb of Optional content and nothing is showing up , all folders that were created are empty but 10gb has been lost on my drive ,so my conclusion is they have installed but licences are NOT included in Cubase so now i have 10gb wasted as i can’t find the files to delete or uninstall . Nothing showing up in the Library assistant .

Did you register the content after downloading?

Yes , my mistake , it has all loaded , ive checked the content in the browser in Cubase and all have downloaded , i take it the folders are set for preset’s and thats why they are empty , I need to remember to adjust the ‘save to’ folder every time .
Cheers for your thought thou , its appreciated

On Windows (don’t know about macOS - I don’t use Macs), Steinberg Download Assistant downloads content files to the download folder, then installs them with all successfully installed files being removed from the download folder. I feel this is a bug, and there should be the option to retain the files in the download folder. Nevertheless, empty folders are a good thing, as it means the content is installed and ready to use.