Free cprs & maps for full C6 HALion Symph Orch SE here

Yes its true!

I have just posted the following, in an archive file, on the link below:

( I thought I would post here as the HAlion Forum is almost dead and besides this concerns C6 users, as its about the free trial with c6, I shall also post a link to this post in the HAlion forum.)

2 Cubase 6 CPRs for full HALion Symphonic Orchestra SE (as supplied as a trial on the Cubase 6 install suite). A Full and a ‘lite’ version (both for full orchestra).

The ‘Full’ CPR is fully set up, and as such contains:

• All necessary expression maps
• An additional piano and harp track, ready to run (HSO SE has neither)
• All necessary instrument presets for the required instances of HALion Symphonic Orchestra SE
• Further drum maps and other files required by the project
• All routing for reverb. bespoke mixer views and group tracks
• All presets maps and additional files additionally supplied outside of the cpr in seperate folders - for ad hoc use.
• A Readme PDF explaining the project design and ways of using it

The full version requires over 5 gigs of RAM and so is only suitable for larger systems. The ‘lite’ version is stripped of its instrument presets (which can easily be loaded from the supplied files). This is to make it possible to load the cpr on slower systems – then one can cut down as required.
These projects are highly structured.
The project is designed as a master, full orchestra cpr. It is constructed so it is facilitate porting sections of the orchestra to other projects. It is designed so that it is easy to cut and shape when creating sibling templates such as ‘strings only’, etc.

The project was created and is fully functioning on a Win 7 64 bit Cubase 64 bit PC with a core i7 920 cpu and 12 gigs of RAM. Further details/tests in the readme.
Although we have had it working briefly on some other systems, including a 32 bit system (lite) and a Mac. It has not been thoroughly tested in these environments and we anticipate some users will have to make adaptions according to their needs.

We have tried to be meticulous but I in no way guarantee anything whatsoever about anything :wink:


• The instruments are grouped into 9 folders following traditional layout conventions (woodwind, brass, percussion, strings).
• Each folder is paired with an instance of HALion loaded with the instruments serving this folder + a preset.
• Each folder is also represented by a group channel of the same name, all instruments of that folder are routed to this.
• Each folder/group has an equivalent ‘Mixer View’ - one each for woodwind, brass, etc. In this mixer view the whole section can be seen along with its group channel and MIDI channels if desired.

• There is a mixer view where all group channels - ie. 1 per orchestral section are visible. This is useful for balancing the sections.
• Other useful additional mixer views are also provided
• Reverb routing is set up (for post fader) and Roomworks loaded as a default reverb

As I do not have time (or the knowledge) to deal with technical queries, I would be interested in this thread developing a mutual support ethic and people posting if they have managed to get the project working or not, if poeople are interested.

A certain very long term forum member (hint: with cave man qualities :wink: ) whom was a senior on the old forum, has helped me edit, check and improve this project. Many many hours have been spent refining and testing it on the above system. I also want to thank Riveted Studios for hosting the zip file for me.

I hope this gives the community opportunity to explore and enjoy the free trial of HALion Symphonic Orchestra SE on the Cubase 6 disks. My main aim is to help the forum develop a taste for the orchestral, and utilise the expression maps and note expression Steinberg has provided. I hope this gives lots of people a chance to try things out the ‘proper’ way.

Please feel welcome to post your experiences – particularly the positive ones! (LOL)

Oh and don’t forget to read the readme!

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Very nicely done!
Thanks for sharing guys.

Very good work !

Thank you very much.

I have a question. I am using the MIDI editor (with the drum maps) for the woodblocks or temple blocks. It won’t let me write in the articulations for “wood beater” or “felt beater” in the control lane. It gives me a drumstick instead of a pencil. If I turn off the drum map, I can write them in then and if I turn the drum map back on, the articulations are there and they work. Am I doing something wrong?

(I hadn’t spotted that one myself :blush: :wink: )… but it turns out that there’s no problem… just hold down the Alt key while writing the articulations. (but, can you confirm that that does indeed work for you, please? Thanks :slight_smile: )

Thank you very much! As soon as I set up my new system I´ll give you feedback.
And thumbs up for the developing a mutual support ethic…

I will check this tonight and let you know.

Thanks 007 and Captain Vic.

You guys rock and roll!!!

Hopefully this will help me figure out the mystery that has been expression maps…

Yes, the ALT Key works to get the pencil here too (to draw in articulations).


I’m away from the studio at the moment but this looks like a fantastic gift :smiley: looking forward to trying this out.


Surpised I had to bump this again. There has been 90 downloads already, but few are bumping. I do this again as the commander from the thirteenth dynasty has issued an edict. If users want to encourage this thread, there will be no intergalactic support :smiley:

Thanks again for this!
I’m looking for expression maps for the included VSL instruments in Kontakt 4, any idea where I might find those?

Thanks Zero.

this needs to be a sticky - thanks :smiley:

I have problems with the viola section. It doen’t play the pizzicato or staccato files.

Is there a way to tell Halion Sonic SE to load EVRYTHING into ram as it stops at about 1300 MB even with the option slider notched to the right side.

win7 x64, Cubase 64bit, and 16 GB of system ram so there shouldn’t be any problems with overloads … arrg