Free doodling support?

A few people have asked for stylus support to actually input notes but I wondered if I could request something possibly far easier to implement - free doodling?

I use a touchscreen laptop, and MIDI / keyboard input is perfectly fine / easy with all the amazing shortcuts. But annotating little things that don’t directly affect playback and being able to save those doodles would be fun and very helpful. I can export as PDF and do it there but doing it while writing in Dorico would be lovely. Basically just an overlay like when you annotate PDFs or anything else but one that saves with the project. I feel it would be very useful for students, teachers and composers.

I actually kinda wish there were a standard to do this on any app and save it but it’d have to respect scrolling and all sorts so probably doesn’t exist.

Thanks for your feedback, @FilipNest. This isn’t actually as easy to implement as you might imagine, but nevertheless I agree that there is certainly potential utility in having a set of freehand annotations in your project. It’s not something we’re actively working on but I wouldn’t rule it out as something we might add in a future version.

Thanks @dspreadbury ! As a software developer myself I appreciate all sorts of hidden complexities when things seem simple to people on the outside. And the fact that you have loads of people screaming feature requests at you all the time. You’re all doing an amazing job.

Extra info on this and why I raised it is I’m studying a counterpoint course at the moment (remote because of covid) and our tutor keeps drawing things on the video calls when it’s a pdf or thing you can draw on and it’s perfect / natural as it could be, but when it’s notation software, text boxes just feel really clumsy. And I feel the same when doodling things like workings out, intervals and other thoughts. It’s like you suddenly shift into frustrating word processor mode.

But it’s hardly an essential feature of course. Glad you might consider it.

Imagining some people would take this to extremes if you introduced this too!