Free "Eventide "UltraChannel".

Use this link: and enter this 0853D154 to download;

UltraChannel requires you to have the Pace iLok License Manager installed, but it does not require the use of an iLok.

More information on the iLok License Manager can be found at

Grab one while it lasts, chaps


Did you test this vst plug-in already? Can you recommend it?
Is it worth to work through all the ilok manager issues to have finally this software useable?


Aloha n,
Tanx for the info/link

Hey Neil,

Thanks for the tip.

I hate iLok, but I went through it and now have the plugin running in Nuendo.

At first glance it looks great - nice to have all of those things available all in one place.

I’m in the progress of getting it up and running, when completed I shall share my experience with this ultrathingy!

Yep tried it and seems like a good plug, anyway only tried it last night on a low volume. You get 2 activations so can run it on 2 computers, NICE!!!

I like the plugin and do appreciate that it is free, but one thing I find a little odd is that in the EQ section the frequency bands appear to be listed upside down - the lowest band is at the top and the highest band at the bottom. It seems much more logical and intuitive to have them the other way around - the lowest band at the bottom and the highest band at the top.

The other small thing is the number of typos in the user manual pdf.

I’ve been in touch with Eventide about this and they say it is too late to change the frequency order, but they will fix the pdf.

boo-hoo :cry: