Free formatting of lyric text?

Hi folks. Another question. In Sibelius I was able to take lyrics text and change the font, change the font size, change the color, use boldface, underline, whatever I want to my heart’s content. Does Dorico allow this at all? Seems like all I can do is standard typeface or italics and that’s it. If there is some way to do what I want to do please let me know. I see Dorico has a robust text formatting function but it seems to apply to everything but lyrics, which is a bit frustrating. THANK YOU!

Dorico doesn’t allow this. You can cheat it, to a point, by setting the “Chorus” property or using the “Translation” line, and altering those font styles, but that’s basically the extent of it.

Wellll then, back to the dark side I go! :frowning: thank you though

Dorico has an incredibly receptive development team. If you explain your needs, you might influence the further development of the software…

You mean explain them right here? Sure. I am a music teacher, in a Hebrew school, and I find that the kids have an easier time singing Hebrew when I transliterate the gutteral letters (כ and ח) as ch, as in: Chanukah. This is a nonstandard way of doing transliteration but it works for my kids. I can only do it in a program like Sibelius that allows me to change the formatting of lyric text on a letter by letter basis. Also I like doing choruses, unisons, and certain words in boldface, like when you have a phrase that is the same five times in a row but the fifth time there is a change. Maybe italics would be good enough, but I think boldface is better than italics for my own purposes. Italics may be harder for some children to read, depending on the typeface.

And now you know!

That all sounds fair enough (though it’s not something I ever have to do - the singers in my choir are old enough that I struggle to get them to pronounce the final vowel in אֲדֹנָי as in “tie”, rather than as in “toy”!). At the moment Dorico doesn’t have a good solution, but I’m certainly convinced :wink:

maybe your singers are die-hard Ashke-na-zis?

(I had to put dashes in that word to keep it from turning into “hippie”)

Yeah, this forum has a slightly overzealous naughty word filter :wink:

With the Translation and Chorus properties you basically have a Punnett square of user-definable text styles to choose from, not even including italics. Boldface lyrics therefore are certainly possible. Underlining of separate letters not so much I’m afraid, the properties can only be set per lyric unit, i.e. whatever’s attached to one note.

We also need to state the obvious that this only works in sections with ONE line of lyrics. If you have more than one verse, no luck, as your baselines will change per style.