Free HALion 5 Programs

…so share some. :slight_smile:
My Operamin (7.58 KB)

Agreed…I once asked someone on this forum ( can’t remember who ) if they would tell me what the synth pad was that they were using…never heard from him/her again…how can someone be precious about a pad?

sharing is what a forum should be about so well done in setting this example…Kevin

Still some space.
My Tempest (7.88 KB)

My Sweenger (8.16 KB)

This is a desolate soundscape.
My Fauxiano (7.52 KB)

Different stages of the same sound.
My Noise Percussive (47 KB)

House of the distorting sun.
My Organique (8.64 KB)

Was working on something in need of a little distortion and ended up with a couple of superfluous programs. :slight_smile:
My Invowng (45.6 KB)
My Distorter (7.93 KB)

Kraftwerk sounds from memory.

I would say that my mind seem to imagine them projecting a sound from somewhere around 1978-81 (during which The Man-Machine and Computer World were released) which are two my absolute favorite albums.
My Kraftwerk (22.2 KB)

My Distorter (8.33 KB)

My Mosc Synth (25 KB)

ATM I am a busy bee buzzing about… :wink:
My Beeswax (8.57 KB)

My Yaz (23.5 KB)

roel dawn
This is a vstsoundfile not a preset.

The easiest way to get it into halion is to open the standalone version.
Drag and drop the vstsound file on to the slotlist and a popup will apear asking to register it.
Point the register location to the location where the soundfile is located and halion will import it.
If you like it, then save it as a vstpreset.

I included the vstpreset since it is created along with the soundfile.
Maybe you can drag and drop it into your custom halion 5 folder too.
Any comments welcome, also on the exchange procedure.!1425

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new programs available for download.
they are checked and are in working condition.

If you want more info:
this topic:

download location:!1425

have fun !
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If anyone (that haven’t already given a “thumbs up” for these programs) would like additional programs, please add thumbs up for the ones you like, and perhaps I’ll add a few more in that genre.