Free Iconica template for Cubase 11. Hello Dorico users

Hello Forum.

ZeroZero Here, long time user of Cubase and utter Newbie to Dorico. As a hello gift I thought I would share my Cubase CPR for Iconica Opus, which I just created. A few notes

1] Expression maps loaded.
2] All tracks disabled and hidden for start up. Everything is folderized. Each type of instrument has its own group. These groups feed to master groups lie Master Strings - both group types - the instrument and the master groups are color coded differently
3] In case you wonder what the music is, its utter garbage, musical graffiti to just there to ensure some kind of sound is made per track.
4] The first bar is there to initialize CC. You may wish to keep that
5] Colorized
6] The first Track is a piano I use for demos called TruePianos. You probably do not have this and could simply delete the track, but if your interested there is a free 30 trial on their website, its pretty good. This is the only non Iconica track
7] One instance of Halion Sonic SE3 per instrument

It probably will need tweaking for your system. Your sound device is different to mine

Tested in Cubase 11. Anyways enjoy

Here is the link!Ai7g90pI7-tKgeEhvSQht_zKaquYzA?e=KglxSK

Thanks for sharing this, ZeroZero, and welcome to the Dorico forum (just in time for the move to Discourse).