Free Lofi Piano License code

Is there a way to re-send the license code to your email address?

My email appeared to come and go and it is not in any spam filter! Very odd!

Sorry to post this here but it needs attention given that this is a short lived free offer

Did you look in your trash.

I did

Nowhere to be found anywhere - very strange! Without that email I can’t activate the license needed to use it. I have contacted support. All I need is for them to resend the email

Don’t know what else you can do. I checked the MySteinberg page and the LoFi piano is there, but just shows that it’s activated on my eLicenser.
Try checking there and see if since you haven’t activated yours, the activation code might be listed. Worth a try while you’re waiting.

Thanks but it has now been solved by Steinberg

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I didn’t even need the activation code for mine. I installed it and it worked without it. :man_shrugging:

same here what u doing to solve this problem i have the problem also with try trial version

They sent me the code I was missing.