Free Partner Vouchers for Cubase 12 owners not for Nuendo 12?

So, I saw that Steinberg is doing a great sale for Cubase 12 in all ways (new users, upgrades, crossgrades) and also has free partner products as well which includes existing owners of Cubase 12.

Is there a reason Nuendo 12 doesn’t include access to these seeing that not only that it has everything Cubase 12 Pro has but is even more expensive?

Here is the page I’m referencing: Steinberg Sales Offers and Promotions | Steinberg

Thank you.


Its a bit strange - Nuendo being the more expensive and pro product not to also receive the extras.

Can we have clarification on this from Steinberg?


Yeah, I was looking forward to these, especially that CS-80.
Quite the disappointment that we’re left out of this.


Me as well! The CS-80 was the main thing I wanted to try out.

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Doesn’t Steinberg usually run promos for Cubase and Nuendo at different times?

Hay Steinerg! Where is you response??

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It’s Saturday.

Ya they usually do, which is strange to me. I mean when they changed the pricing, the version numbering, and made Nuendo basically a superset of Cubase I figured at that point Nuendo was becoming “Cubase Ultimate” and just keeping the name for historical reasons. They are the same product, one is just the higher end version.

But they still treat them as different. Not sure if it is just for marketing reasons or what, but ya, they promote them at different times.

Hopefully we’ll get the freebies as well, though like some others here the CS-80 is the one that really interests me. I already own Melodyne and the others aren’t of a ton of interest. I’d still take them though :smiley:

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As already said, this is a Cubase promo and we’ll probably see the same freebies for Nuendo when it’s Nuendo promo time.
Personally though I’d prefer the RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plugins if given the choice or at least a really good discount on them.

That said, Nuendo already has so many great plugins and I keep wondering why I bought some other plugin bundles before crossgrading.


Exactly this.

The more I use Nuendo, the less I use many of the plugin bundles I’ve purchased in the past.



Celemony Melodyne Essential
Acustica Audio Fire the Clip
Arturia CS-80 V
Softube Dirty Tape

I don’t see any vouchers in My Steinberg.
Where are they?

Looks like Nuendo isn’t eligible for these. Hopefully they do something similar in the future for Nuendo people like us.

As already stated, judging from the past Cubase and Nuendo promos are usually run at different times and often even follow each other. So chances are, a Nuendo promo comes up after the current Cubase promo. What it would be about I have no idea, but I guess they will come up with something and not leaving Nuendo users “out in the rain”.


I owned Cubase 11 Pro, which I crossgraded to Nuendo 11, then upgraded to Nuendo 12. As I crossgraded in the days before Nuendo 12 was released, I no longer have a Cubase licence.

The odd thing is that I have got vouchers for Dirty Tape, Fire the Clip and Melodyne Essential, but not CS-80 V. This makes no sense at all; I have never owned Cubase Artist.

Of all of the Cubase sale plugins, the only one I cared about is CS-80 V. I have several Melodyne Essential codes already (not that I really use it - VariAudio does all that I need; I can’t justify buying the higher editions of Melodyne) and I don’t really need another tape emulator or clipping plugin.

If you didn’t get the news, all Nuendo 12 users get a free voucher for ProSoundEffects Foley Essentials in their account.