Free PC backup software

Anyone know of a good PC backup program thats free? I bought a Fantom USB drive that doesn’t come with any software at all. The built in Win7 program just does a straight copy and doesn’t do updates periodically. I need something like the program that comes with a Seagate drive.

BTW the new drive is USB 3 and its my first experience with the new USB version. The drag and drop transfer times are amazing! However the Win7 internal backup time is slower than anything I’ve ever seen.

You could check out “Paragon Free Backup”. I use it, no probs w/ differential backup, looked ok when I researched it a year or so ago. Caveat, I haven’t done a restore yet.

This is good, I’ve used it for years, done a couple of restores,it works very well.

I use the backup in w7 and set it to update every Sunday, how is this not what you want?

The problem with the built in backup software in Win7 is that it doesn’t have a pause and resume function for the initial backup. My initial backup is roughly 1TB and after 5 hours the win program was only 37% completed. This is on a usb 3 drive and a new I7 3930. By contrast a drag and drop transfer of 1.7gb took less than a minute Just looking to see if there is something out there that will resume and pause. I’m also assuming that it won’t do subsequent intelligent back ups Thanks

Thanks, Ill try this