Free plug

Hi people,

Soundtoys have a free plug in (Tremolator) and it is available here:

It looks like a nice one and well worth the cost!!!

Jim B

Tremolator is a VERY cool plugin, you can use it for emulating classic trem units such as the one from a vox ac30 or fender vibrolux or do some crazy rhythmical gated type effects with it…
The analogue mode can add some nice/interesting saturation/compression too… bit silly not to grab this if you don’t already have it :wink:

It appears their webserver is struggling…
edit: it’s a bit better now.
I can’t use this on an offline computer without iLok USB key :frowning:

Oh yes you can :wink:
Although obviously you will have to momentarily go online to activate it.

Exactly :wink:
I don’t even have internet access in my studio, so I’d have to drag the PC to the living room :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks though.

Long CAT5 cables are cheap enough, unless you live in a mansion/castle… certainly cheaper than the normal retail price of Tremolator… If you’re only going online to get the licence and your router is firewalled then the likelihood of picking up any nasties on your machine is pretty much zero, you can set up the rest of the process from a different machine and just log into the iLok manager once it’s installed on your studio machine… easy enough.

… in which case you probably have dedicated fiber in your studio just for licence activation.

Fun! And I’d say it’s easily worth 10 times what I paid for it! :wink: