Free SpectraLayers Pro-7

Free SpectraLayers Pro-7 being offered with Vegas Pro 18 update!

I’m tempted.

And with Magix Samplitude Pro X5 Suite as well. Sorry if you’re tempted more :wink:

Don’t you mean Sound Forge?

No, it is SpectraLayers Pro 7, indeed.

Sound Forge 14 Suite deal includes SL7

also includes Convology XT Complete.

I’m a little confused by this - do you mean that if I buy Samplitude ProX5 Suite I can get Spectralayers 7 - exactly the same license as if I bought just Spectralayers 7 from the Steinberg site? So i could then sell Samplitude and Soundforge secondhand and be left with a full license to Spectralayers7 which I can then use to update to V8 etc on the Steinberg site later on

I’m confused too. It all seems a bit strange so I’ve decided not to get involved.

I am coming to that conclusion too - not worth the little I might get back selling the software I dont want

To the question of independent serials, I have just posted the following answer at Magix’s forum:

“Yes, it is independent. You are receiving separate Serials and then you need to create an account and download Steinberg’s eLicenser (which is either a fixed software license or it placed on a proprietary USB dongle) in order to authorize it.
About updates, getting SL 7 through Magix, will open the additional possibility that you get future updates on bundled offers again. You will also retain the alternatives Steinberg provides.”

For your reassurance, my Samplitude X4 Suite provided me with separate serials for most bundled software, including -at the time- Spectralayers 5, that despite also having separately bought SL4 and SL2, was the most accessible way at the time.

You will, at some point, notice that Spectralayers has a separate developer team, lead by one of the researchers on the field. Fortunately it maintained its deserved independence and so far in these times many of us here are very satisfied to say it mildly.

thanks - that clarifies it!

NB: Those SL7 serials from Magix aren’t exactly the same than Steinberg provides (it’s a different category). I’m not sure what the implications are regarding future upgrades (Magix mention upgrading bundles, not just SL).

In the end I have bought from Steinberg - although using an upgrade from V4 that was bought as a part of a Magix bundle. But for my country the Magix bundle is a bit more expensive than direct from Steinberg and the hassle of reselling the other stuff for the money I would make back was just not worth it to me.

Peronally I trust Steinberg more than I trust MAGIX, who, in the past, have bundled products with Vegas which then no longer work with the next version of Vegas … not to mention the policy of dropping support for one version at a certain point and making you buy a full license again for the next (disguised as a fictitious discount from a sky-high price that the product never actually sold at).

Hence my joy when SpectraLayers became a Steinberg product :sunglasses: