free tempo piano playing into dorico

Hi, I have a recording of a great piano a improvisation.

How do I turn it into notation. i.e. there is no tempo, and the tempo is very freely played.

So how do I make the best notation of such a recording.

Out of nuendo as midi-file, or go into the score editor and make a musicXML file.

do I have to straighten the playing (in cubase, hit points etc…) or will Dorico fix everything, if I just put bars and adjust the length of notes (for display).

(the record in particular is: Apple Music @ , all The Grand 1 or maybe The Grand 2).

I’m afraid Dorico can’t really help you with this right now, as it will transcribe the music according to the meter specified in the MIDI file, which will presumably bear little or no resemblance to the actual meter of the free playing.

I wonder whether importing into Cubase, and then using the various MIDI editing features there, before switching to its score editor and using the display quantization features in there, might not be the best workflow approach for the time being?