Free Time Remix with Early21 on guitar - Desert

Remixed with guitar, a collab with Early21 on guitar. Really enjoyed his melodic and harmonic additions . Great playing. :smiley:

Mixed the fantastic mono guitar file , used some double tracking and Roland chorus plugin on some parts.
No spacial plugins, just panning with care of the stereo files.

Used an Avalon 747sp external EQ and compressor for mastering with wave lab 8.5

thanx for listening.

regards Peter

smooth sophisticated sound…a nice listen, it’s a pity the Clarinet (sounds like) that appears at 2.50 wasn’t used earlier in the track…it lifted the track nicely when it came in… :slight_smile:

good work, Kevin :slight_smile:

I really liked the sound of this. When you say open to jam tracks, you mean, for example, guitar overlay track? It really sounds like a film score. My imagination is stimulated.

Guitar overlay would be great! Working with different influences is a mixing challenge and great fun.
So yes please. I can strip the track a little to leave more space and send it to you.
Thanx for listening.

yes nice groove, i could imagine Early21 playing on this one and look forward to hearing it.

I am interested to try. Could use the stimulation! Send me what you want to work with and how you would like to get it back. BTW, Polgara can kick my butt on guitar leads…

Cool. I reckon a couple of guitar heroes on this would be great… Early and ? :wink:

I like Wurly’s… I’ve started using it a lot more these days. I guess it’s a bit of an antiquated sound but it really does work well in many situations. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry whether it’s antiquated or not - it’s a lot less antiquated than most other instruments, when you think about it.

Great tune, and beautiful sounds; looking forward to the additions of guitar(s) from Early!


real nice sound, dude i suck so much with the drums, how did you arrange it like that?

Used the new EZ drummer version , has a very much improved GUI and easy tools to make a niece track.
Prefer it over superior drummer 2

Very nice, Peter!

Interesting to see how this evolves with guitar.


updated version on top

yes its fantastic sounds from Leon, your style fits great on this track ,but i think Peter you now have to make some decisions regards whats going to be up front in the mix. you could maybe extend the mix and when Leon is soloing just have the pads supporting him and remove the original stab melodys ,when i first heard the track i thought it`s a great tune and very delicate and appears quite spacious but there is no room really for anything else .but anyway now you have a nice problem which is a win win situation. just listened again and it gets better. :sunglasses:

Beautifully sympathetic guitar, fits wonderfully with the feel of the piece.

I think Polgara has a point about what now could go where - but this works as it is. Really enjoyed it, excellent stuff.


very tasteful…like it!

sorry i keep butting in , i think the drums need changing around Leon`s playing also ,to give the impression they are interacting with one another.sounding great.

Who’s Leon :question: is it early21 :question:

anyway effin brilliant track and very tasteful playuing. good advice from polgara…Kevin

I love this new version. Excellent guitar work.

Yes, that’s me… took me a while to find a way to fit guitar in without compromising the ethereal quality. Glad Peter was patient. Really nice vibe, and I’m happy he let me play on it. Appreciate everyone’s kind words, but it’s mostly Peter, of course.

It certainly feels complete now. Reminds me of Knopfler/Local Hero :slight_smile: