Free Time Section In Tempo Track


I have a song with multiple tempo and signature changes that has a certain section that is supposed to be free time. It is a long pause before the outro of the song.

How am I supposed to create the tempo track for this section? Is there a “free time” option somewhere that allows me to set the section length in seconds or should I just stay at 4/4 and change the tempo until it feels good?

This is what I do. I don’t know any other way.

If you set the tempo to 60bpm than 1 bar = 1 second.

Edit: Ouch. At 4/4 one bar is four seconds long.
240bpm = 1 second with 4/4.
Sorry for the bad math.

Well, not really, I guess you mean every quarter note, making a 4/4 4 seconds in length.

Personally, I would just count the silence. There must be some logical interpretation of how long the silence is. Maybe it’s a different tempo entirely? Does the song comes to the long pause with a ritenuto, or is it somewhat different? In any case, I would count it. If it’s less than a bar, I would change the signature too. If it’s a bar or so coming from a rit., I would just manipulate the tempo numbers.