Free time (X) bar input extra note or rest

I have first bar in the Free Time (X) but I need another crotchet or crotchet rest inserted. What can I do so that this first bar simply gains another crotchet rest, without pushing or adding notes into the next bar? I used the Insert function and tried adding a rest but all it does it pushes the last note in the first bar into the next bar.

Set the Insert scope to “Global Adjustment of Current Bar” ?

Thank you, but I don’t have that option since I’m on Dorico 3. Surely I don’t have to start again.

In that case, you could add a beat using the bars and barlines popover (Shift-B, then 1q for one quarter note beat), then re-input the next barline/time signature where it should now start?

Thank you, Lillie! :slight_smile: