Free Trial No Playback Issue

I just downloaded the 30 days free trial since I’d be interested in the software, mainly as a way to compose with VSTs without having to use a conventional DAW, so being able to write sheet music. The problem is, the playback seems to be down for me, as when I hit play on any project of any kind the green bar starts going, but no sound comes out. I’ve tried numerous times between the device setup and play menu to resolve the issue, also looking at past iterations of the problem, with no success. Could someone help?

Before poking around, the best thing is, you create a simple piano project with just a handful of arbitrary notes, then choose from Dorico’s main menu the item Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de and then I will have a look.

Thanks, just emailed the files.

Thanks for the data, now I know what is wrong.
You don’t have any instrument plug-in that Dorico can play out through.
Dorico comes with the HALion Sonic plug-in as the default instrument, but I guess you opted out and did not install it. Same goes for the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library that contains all sound files for the orchestral instruments.
So please run the installer again and make sure that you really install everything.