Free up space on c windows drive

Hello there.been running cubase sx for years.decided to upgrade to artist 9.5 bought new laptop hp envy. All good
Download artist took up so much room on c drive that I decided to reset and start again.
After browsing the forums can anyone please tell me of any issues from downloading the whole thing onto d drive in the first place?
Does cubase have to integrate into the c drive in order to function properly?
Sometimes I think abut buying a reel to reel and recording without any issues.I am fairly computer literate but not a computer bod.
Has anyone got any advice on keeping my c drive fairly free ?
It’s a 128 ssd
Other drive is 1Tb hdd
Many thanks jay

My own view (and I’m NOT an expert) is keep Cubase on the C Drive and try and jettison other things off it…certainly keep projects and samples on the D or other drives, but the program will do best on the C drive

See this thread.