Free Update to Cubase AI 10.5 from Steinberg offers more than Cubase Elements 9.5

I received an email from Steinberg offering a free update to Cubase AI 10.5 with an Activation Code. If i were to use the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I have a registered copy of Cubase Elements 9.5 and with this free update to Cubase AI 10.5, does Cubase AI 10.5 offer the same features compared to Cubase Elements 9.5 and more?

Thank you!


The installer and the executable is shared by Cubase Elements, LE and AI. So the name of the installer and the EXE file is the same. Just the license decides, if Cubase Elements/LE or AI will start.

This is what maybe confused you. Or you have started Cubase Elements Trial.

With Cubase AI license you can start Cubase AI only. Cubase Elements offers more features than Cubase AI does.

Elements is a higher grade license than AI, so no.

The update can’t be for your version of elements as that would be a downgrade ‘update’, they’d never offer that as it would lead to complaints.

Did you have an older version of AI or LE that possibly came free with hardware that youve forgotten about? That would make more sense.