Free VST3 64bit fader meter (W10)?

Hello -

Cubase 9 is having a problem seeing my HOFA Free 4U wonderful meters (and others’ other meters, they are working it out with Steinberg), and so I am hunting again.

Is anyone using a 64bit VST3 fader meter for use in W10 they would want to recommend please?

Thank you for any thoughts/suggestions!

What does it do that the included meter doesn’t do?

It’s additional to the included meter, an extra to put in insert slots.

I understand, but why do you need it?

Interesting that the evil icon was inserted into the quote… :confused:

I use it to adjust volume without running into automation that may be written on the pre-trim and the main fader.

Funny about the evil icon. Perhaps the forum is haunted!

I realized Melda has a free fader, though it takes up quite a large amount of screen space, even when collapsed as much as it can be.

Largish GUIs seem to be common on the free faders I’ve come across on line (that is one of the nice things about the HOFA Free 4U fader - not a large footprint). Here is one I’ve found that is among the smaller ones:

I haven’t tried it out, as I’m having hardware issues currently ( :frowning: ) , but plan to!

Also, Steinberg said they will be making the HOFA plugs functional again for Cubase 9.0.1 ( ).