FREE VSTs crashing Cubase

Hi all,

I have Elements 6 and a little budget to support it. I realise that Cubase VSTs would probably the best but in the meanwhile I got free VSTs from the Net:

  • Some crash and are just useless.
  • Some sound amazing and work fine but then Cubase can crash anytime, worse being I have to reload those VSTs and the selected settings.

Error message would say that VST bridging connection is lost and that I should load a previous version of the project, bla bla…

I got a Quad Core i7, 8Gb of RAM so I don’t think my pc is the issue.

I heard of JBridge, seems to be the solution to my problem. Can you guys just tell me what you’re insight is.

Thank you

You haven’t said what OS you’re using. I assume it’s 64x because you,re bridging. If that’s the case you should get Jbridge :it’s cheap ,the support is great and it works. As far as free vsts you should look at sites like KVR where you can get feedback on vsts from users. Finally ,I’d say the ultimate free vst is the Kontakt Player with library from N.I. You should get this. Other than that either spend some money or lower your expectations

There are plently of free plugins that are stable. Most important is what Mr M said: if you’re running Cubase in 64 bit, you’ll need native 64-bit plugins for best stability. Jbridge is in most cases a good alternative to get 32-bit plugins in 64-bit Cubase.

Thank you for your good advice.
I am indeed running 64bit win7 and loading 32bit plugins. I’m studying at the moment but I’ll soon further invest into my studio setup because composing and producing is my favorite thing.
In the meanwhile I will get the Jbridge, talk to you later,
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Also sign up for newsletter at Audiomidi to notified about no brainer sales. Check Guitar Center daily no brainer sales. check the bargain thread at KVR for news. You can get some great vsts for $20 from time to time. My experience that there are very few good free instruments they will work but the sound is just not worth it

Sweet, thanks for the advise!

I ended up getting “Jbridge” and it did indeed solve my problem, so its all running smoothly now. Although I am going to invest in some quality VSTs soon :wink:

Keep up the good vibes :smiley: