Free warp help

I am using C6.5 and working with old demos songs to try and straighten out tempo variations.The original material was recorded without a click.I have tried using tempo detection which gives me a tempo map but this doesnt straighten out the timing errors.So I have resorted to using free warp and pulling and pushing the audio.I also wanted to drop the tempo of the track form 120 to 108.I have nearly got to the end of one song (with great results ) but noticed that because I have dropped the tempo then the remaining ‘unwarped audio’ is now being compressed into a smaller and smaller area (as I have been manually stretching the audio in front) and the tempo of this section has shot up making it difficult to track where I am.Is there a way of making the audio event longer so I can make room to stretch the audio into? For the life of me I can’t seem find a way to do this.Can anyone help?? Thanks.

Method 1: use the range tool and select the event from the beginning to end plus some empty space and ‘bounce’.

Method 2: make a part of your event and extend the part container, then bounce.

Method 3: set your locators from beginning to wherever you want and export.

Thanks for that.The methods seem to work as far as enlarging the part is concerned.When stretching out the remaining part of the song it it looks like I am now trying to time stretch material that has already been compressed so I am starting to see undesirable side fx! Grrrrr. :angry:

Copy your previously warped audio event. Rightclick and choose ‘new version’ from the (audio?) menu. Undo realtime processing (via realtime menu/in the sample editor, warp tab: reset).

Got it sorted! probably a long winded way but I copied over the original version with no processing from the pool and edited it so that all I had to do was use free warp on the remaining few bars.Then tidy up the event ends so it all matched up.Amazing that I could straighten out an old mix like this.That elastic pro is virtually un detectable.Thanks for the replies.