Free warp: how to stretch the end of the event?

Hello folks.

So, here’s a dilemma.
I have a guitar that was recorded too fast, so I resorted to stretch it with free warp in order to correct its timing at once.

However, as I reached the end of the event, the audio kept turning faster and faster. So now I have a perfectly timed guitar up to the last couple of bars, where I can´t add more warp markers because the end of the event cannot be moved without affecting all previous markers.

See my predicament?

What’s the best way to do this? Should I have stretched the whole event before free warping it?

Is there a way to time-stretch the end of an event without affecting its existing warp markers?

Thank you!

Put the audio into a part and extend the part for a few bars after the audio finishes.
Bounce the part down to a new audio file - it now has several bars of silence at the end to get you around this.

Thank you! I hadn’t thought of that