Free warp in Cubase 12

Hi. I’ve just updated to Cubase pro 12 from pro 11. In Cubase 11, when you free warped it used to pull the warp toward to beat as you moved the yellow line. This dosn’t seem to happen in 12, am I missing something?

Can you post a screenshot/video of the behaviour and the steps to reproduce?

Thanks for responding. It’s just double-clicking on an audio file and pressing the ‘Free warp’ button. Here’s a screenshot. In pro 11 if you started moving the yellow bar towards 23.2 it would pull the line and drop it exactly on the beat automatically, in 12 you have to place it by eye. Thanks.

You have to set the grid to "adapt to zoom " or “quantize” in order to make that work:

However, there is a bug present in C12, which resets the grid always to “Bar” if you reopen the lower zone by using a hotkey, or switch tab below the editor (If you always double click on an event, it should work).

Lower Zone Editor: grid type switches always to “bar” when reopening or switching tab - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Great! That was the problem. Really appreciate your help! Let me know if you want me to record some guitar for you as thanks. instagram @jonnelsonguitar :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks for the offer! :slight_smile:
Very nice playing!

Thanks! :slight_smile: