Free Warp issues on Cubase 12.0.30

Hi guys,
When i install cubase version 12.0.(00 ) and i use Free Warp for stretching or swing that was smooth and even no breaking and cracking and sounds was awesome. but y when i update cubase version 12.0.(30) and i use same Free Warp for audio stretching or swing sounds no good. Its like breaking and cracking sound after use Free Warp… what is that exact problem? Probably settings error or the new version of cubase 12.0.(30) got issues on that? Pls i need yr advice to fix this problem guys… even i tried uninstalled and installed, still same… i have no idea… pls help me guys tq.

Hi @raggah - I’ll try and help.

I’ve just tested under the new 12.0.40 update released this morning (that’s now over-written my earlier editions, so can’t check for previous behaviour). Happily, I don’t get any ‘breaking’ or ‘crackling’ in the audio as you describe. But, there’s always a chance I might not be testing exactly as you are… You don’t provide any (true) recipe to follow…

Is this issue seen with only one particular audio file, or any audio you try, but in one specific project.?
What are your project settings (sample rate/bit depth)?
Is the audio very long/short files.? Stereo, Mono, Multi-Channel.?
Was the audio imported, or recorded (directly) in to Cubase by yourself.?
What is the file type (WAV, FLAC, OggVorbis or MP3 etc…).?
Is it an old project made with an earlier edition of Cubase, that you’ve loaded into 12.0.30 that now shows the problem.?
Could you post here a short example file (ok in 12.0.0; not ok in 12.0.30).?
What OS are you on.?
What is your audio interface.?

Why not update your profile to include some of this detail (click on the circular icon next to my name and see what I mean) - would save people having to ask or make guesses… :slight_smile:

Hi fren, im using scarlett 18i20. My sample rate 48000 and 24bit… im already try few project’s file for free warp… the same issues… most i wanted to use free warp for vocal recording… let say ill try this same audio for stretching with free warp the version of cubase 12.0.00 no issues and also sounds like cool… and then ill again this exact same audio for sretching with free warp the version of cubase 12.0.30 sounds like breaking and crackling fren… thats y seriously i have no idea…

Hi fren just i install the version of cubase 12.0.40… so ill try this version… anything ill let u know fren… tq for helping…

Ok, I see - if its still a problem, can you attach a short example of any file that shows the issue and describe exactly what you are doing to produce the breaking and crackling - i.e. how far are you stretching.? Are you on Win or Mac.? Where did the file originate.? Was it 48Khz 24bit before bringing in to Cubase.? Always good to have more detail…!!

Sure fren, the file normally ill doing recording freshly… and then i using os windows 10 32gb ram…

Hi fren, so far c12.0.40 its awesome performance… free warp worked perfectly… really its nice to work now… tq fren…