Free Warp Right on the Project Page!!!

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I’d like to use free warp right on the project page.

Here is my scenario…

I’d like to tighten the bass guitar to the Kick drum. I move the 2 tracks together so I can visually see the 2 wav forms (right on the project page) Now I can use free warp to line every bass guitar note to the kick drum hits!

Thank you and hope that someone from Steinberg is listening :slight_smile:
…Thank you! Cubase is the BEST DAW …PERIOD!

+111111 I really don’t understand why this is not already done

It seems you can do this feature in every major daw. Hope it will be implemented soon! This would be such a time saver and would make it fun to fix things up. It would be cool also to be able to use audio warp to fix drums that have been grouped together! NOW THERE’s A FEATURE I’d also love to see! This would be so great!


This has been asked for a looooong time. I couldn’t agree more – Cubase NEEDS this!




+1 This would be nice!

desperately needed!!!

Yes, free warp in project plus phase coherent warping of multiple tracks plus the allign feature that’s already in Nuendo, please! :mrgreen:

new update and nothing on this tool… really disappointing

This would make Cubase perfect.
I would immediately update!

Free warp on the project page and free warp grouping functionality. I know we are not trying to make it exactly like pro tools, but the warping tabs in PT is far superior. There is also a shortcut in PT that when you add a warp tab to a transient it automatically adds one to the previous and next transient so that if you move your newly assigned marker it doesn’t warp your entire audio file, only the note or hit you are looking to adjust

This would be amazing!
Please STEINBERG - make it happen!