Free warp timeline


For some reason I can’t get the free warp in timeline to work. Is there an on/off or some other setting I need to adjust? Can’t find anything about it.

I click the warp tool, select free warp. Cursor changes to the clock thing but when I click an event nothing happens, other than the event gets selected. Long cling, drag, short click, manic clicks… nothing.

• Double-Click on Event to open it in the Lower Zone
• Click on Hitpoints in the Inspector
• Edit Hitpoints
• Create, Warp Markers
• AudioWarp
• Free Warp
• Make sure Musical Mode is deselected
• At this point, you can quantize from the Lower Zone or Timeline
• Set Quantize to desired note value
• Zoom in until you see the Markers
• Quantize
• To use the Clock Cursor, align the vertical line to the left of the Clock Cursor to a Marker, click and drag
• There are some other subtleties, but this should get you in the right direction

Thanks, but I’m talking about doing this on the timeline, new feature in N12, sample editor is working as it should.

Zoom into the audio event more. If you are zoomed out too much, nothing will happen when you click with the free warp tool. Zoom in some more and it should work

Lol, it had to be something stupidly easy…

Thanks man.