Free warp to triplets- No visual reference?

Any workarounds? Not all music is 4/4 Electronic Dance.


Set your Grid to triplets (1/4T or 1/8T or what ever/T). Does it work?

Triplets on the main edit page work fine, as does straight eighths with 66% swing.

The problem is that free warp is only available in the sample editor, therefore isolated from any other instrument’s waveform, and even worse, there’s no way to set up a triplets grid or swing from the free warp screen.

Triplet grid IS available in the sample editor if you switch that track to music mode, at which point all the hard won edits on that track go hopelessly out of time.

Any workarounds??


I’m sorry, I’m not Sample Esitor expert. But you are right, the grid in the Sample Editor is independent from the main Grid.

The Grid is driven by the Signature settings in the Sample Editor. Unfortunately, from the classical musical point of view, it’s not possible to set triplets in the Signature.

I run in to this problem all the time…


Lets try to post it as a Feature Request, which totally valid (not for the Electronic Dance producers only), I would say.

We’ve been asking for this for years! :wink:. While it is indeed available in the MIDI and Audio Part editors, it took until quite recently to even have it available in the Project window!