Free Warp tool. Warp audio without compressing/expanding the righthand segment

I just discovered the Free Warp tool and was wondering if it’s possible to make the audio clip not have fixed boundaries. For example, if I move this warp yellow line to the right (from bar 25), the rest of the audio gets compressed. Instead I’d like audio clip to just elongate (to become longer, not to get compressed).



Nice idea… no, not currently possible to my knowledge (without splitting, moving then stretching as separate operations).

So maybe a new mechanism could be added, to remove clip boundary ‘limitations’ somehow allowing you to perform actions as you request. This would keep existing default behaviour intact. Audio of course can be ‘compressed’ as well as ‘stretched’ so both start/end clip boundaries are involved.


FWIW, when I need to stretch a range of an audio event, without any incedence on the right of its content, I do the following :

  1. Snap on (to Events)
  2. Range tool → I select the range involved on which the stretch should be done
  3. Edit > Range > Split → there are three audio events created : left, center and right.
  4. [right-click] > Processes > Time stretch
  5. I set the Time stretch ratio and click on Apply
  6. I move the right event to the point where its beginning should exactly snap to the end of the center one (thanks to the Snap to Event setting).
  7. Done.

Eventually, I can select the three events and use the glue tool, but it will create a part. I haven’t found the way to fuse, in a reliable way, the three events into one without creating a part, I admit… :neutral_face: