Free warp unusable!

Hello everybody.

After having worked 1 hour to align a bass line in free warp, when I freeze the audio (MPEX solo musical) the result is moving from the original work (randomly). Amazing and making this function unusable…

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N 5.5 I7 950 12Go Ram

Choose a different algorithm for the freeze. There are also a lot of new algorithms added in Nuendo 5.5 (Elastique).

No thanks. When I have to freeze my work I would like to be able to choose what I want and the freeze function only have MPEX!
I’m not choosing cookies in a supermarket but a function who should be able to be precise as 44100 hit a second.
This “bug” is also present in Nuendo 5.1.
I’m working…

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Take a break from working and read the manual… As mentioned, new algorithms were added in N5.5 (the Elastique ones). You can simply bounce the audio down (not export - bounce) or render the with “realtime” option.

I’m doing what is written page 312 of the manual! “Flattening realtime processing” : The result is totally asynchronous. The sound is sliding!

When I’m boucing the selection from the audio menu (I think that’s what you are talking about) I have no choice of algorithm.

If you have got more clues, I would be pleased to know them.


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I believe it is in preferences.

So I’ve found something… Thanks to Likelystory for putting me on the way!

Apparently when you “bounce a selection” who has been Free warped, the algorithm applied is the one indicated in the pool under the “algorithm” tab! Unexplained in the manual I think. I must have cross-read to understand that. It would be nice to document that. I don’t want to be as Protools users who need to read the hidden functions book.
The MPEX still not working.

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Why are you using MPEX if it doesn’t sound as you want? The algorithms change the way things sound depending on the material and what you’re doing.

Go into the pool window and change the algorithm to one of the new Elastique algorithms and when you’re happy with how it sounds you can either commit it or not.

I’m using MPEX because it is souding exactly as I want! My problem seems to be a question of integration in Nuendo rather than a question of taste. I’ve used MPEX for years as standalone (Prosoniq) for films and it was the less destructive algorithm ever seen. I don’t want to run another algorithm who has appeared 6 month ago and who could suffer from the same integration problems as MPEX does.

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I agree, this seems like a bug.
But I urge you to try the eLastique algo. IMO much better for most than MPEX. I’m also a MPEX user for years.

And, no need to flatten anymore. Just bounce or mix down. It sounds that good.