Free Warping Problem Help ?

Please tell me what I am doing wrong , or what do to to get what I am looking for here:

Say I have a 10 second or so recording of talking (actually a older guy doing sqaure dance calling )that I want to warp in sync to the project tempo.
I can double click it and do a Free warp and sync it pretty painlessly ( I am using Elastic pro Time)
But as I drag the free warp tabs to the correct beats from left to right, the remaining audio is speeding up and then when I am getting near the last part of free warping , the last bit is super hyper fast ( as it is getting smashed in time).
What I would like to do is just "add " more time to the audio selection and then keep draging the audio untill it all is in sync. ( extend the original audio to allow more space on the right side of it).

Is there an easier way or what am I missing here?