Freedb ...

Where is it in WLab 7 ???

Like in 6, almost.

Hm … I search the “send to freedb” like WL6 … in WL7, I have only the option to receive “title list” from freedb

Ha, you meant the “send” option. It’s not present anymore. Maybe to add again if enough requests.

never knew that this option excisted but i’d like to have that option. going to check it in the previous version.

I never noticed it was gone, as an occasional user of Wavelab I’m still trying to get my head round the big changes from the WL6 way of working without the help of a manual to flick through, but it’s worth having, so bringing it back gets my vote.

Actually the ability to submit to CDDB as well, from a montage, would be quite welcome. FreeDB is a good start. Please bring this back.