Freedom of staff labeling

Dear Dorico community
is there a way to set the staff labels on an individual basis?
My case is, that normally I want the “full” labels on first systems and “none” on subsequent systems, while hide empty systems is on. That’s easily done in Layout options.
But if I have a piano intro on the first stave and the choir is starting only on the second stave, you don’t see any staff labels there.
I would really like, to have there the full labels again so it’s clear for the choir. Another case would be to make clear, that one voice has a solo and afterwards I could show which other voices do join in. Those are not instrument changes and divisii is also not a helping here.
I hope Imade my question clear and did already search the forum and the manual. Besides in Sibelius this was something called “section break”, if I remember clearly.

You can change the staff labels shown (and their length, either abbreviated or long) at each system/frame break - so input a system or frame break as required where you want to see staff labels, select the break signpost in Engrave mode, and change the property in the Properties panel.

Hey Lillie
Fast and clear as a lightning …
So I have to read my manual a little more precisely!
Besides it’s the obvious place to look for! :blush:

Thanks a lot Jürg

Not a problem at all!

(In case it’s easier for you - and I hope I’m not making an inaccurate presumption, but I see you’re based in Switzerland? - there are now also translated manuals for Dorico 2, the vast majority of which is still accurate for Dorico 3. The German online manual is here, and French here.)

This would be easier indeed, but to keep up with the discussion (especially in this forum), I decided to run Dorico in english and to read the english manual. Otherwise I couldn’t be part of this community, because I wouldn’t know all the technical terms in english.
And hey, swiss people are used to adapt foreign languages, so we could go on in german, french or italian …

but thank you for your efforts!

I just popped onto the forums to ask this exact question. Very helpful and clear instructions, thank you so much Lillie!