Freedom Tower- Latin

Wrote this with Denny Jiosa, we are going to do final mix this week and searching for thoughts.
Fyi, the Freedom Tower is a building in Miami also know as Cuban Refugee Center…
A lot of history for those that came from Cuba and those whose families escaped communist country (but forget politics lol) Going to leave this up till we go back for final mix/master. So thanks for thoughts on it

A great track. Nice groove. Wonderful backing vocals. Do the singers work for free? Give them my number. (Ha ha). :confused: :laughing:
Cool arrangement all round.

My initial feeling is the guitar needs a bit of its low end wound off and maybe a few
dB of taming. It tends to overshadow the vocals in the first two thirds of the recording. Sounds more balanced over the final
section…but it is indeed a very tasty thing. Great playing there.

I visited Havana in 2004. Loved it.


OMG Jet I need photos do you have any? Tell me about your trip I would love to go. If you dont want to post the detail here send me an email One of the two percussionist John Carlos Santos…came through the Center in 1964 (?) and he was inspiration for this. His father was one of the Buena Vista Social Club guys. Juan also sang male Spanish parts. The girls I paid, I have this funny thing about getting paid if I work so assume others do too lol. Rachel Rodriguez and Kata Rae…
Really though the photo thing would help me so much in doing a promo for youtube…let me know if you can help!!! I will owe ya .

Agree with Jet on the guitar. Needs to come down a few db and maybe back it off completely in the verses apart from maybe a spot of dialogue here and there alla Santana. I thought the lead vox could come up a touch as well.
Good song Kenny :sunglasses:

Thanks that was what I was looking for. It helps…

Thanks the Photo are killer and they really are going to help me.