Freeing up hard drive space


I would like to delete entire cubase projects from my hard drive.

I have been saving projects under mac_user_cubase and then creating a new folder for each project.

I have many versions i.e. 01, 02, 03 within each project folder.

I have all my projects backed up twice on 2 external hard drives.

Can I go into each project ‘remove unused media’ and then simply delete the projects from the path I stated above?

Deleting files from the audio pool i.e. ‘select file… trash… empty trash’ seems very long winded and will take me forever lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would use the Prepare archive feature - to be sure all things referenced are within the project folder as well.

Thanks for the response Larioso.

I only asked as I read a sound on sound article ‘Understanding Audio files in cubase’ that said

“you absolutely shouldn’t delete audio files from a Project Folder as you’d normally delete other computer files. Use the features within the Pool to do this instead.The Pool has a two-stage process for deleting clips (and so files) that works in much the same way as you’d delete files on your computer normally — first dragging them to the Trash or Recycle bin, then ‘emptying’ it.”

So is there any chance there are back up files created under the hood, so to speak, that ill be missing?

No there are no backup (Audio)files created under the Hood. And if you want to completely get rid of the files, there is no reason not to delete from Windows Explorer. It is just if you do not want to risk missing files in Projects you are still using that you should delete files from within Cubase.

ahh now I understand; thank you Svennilenni…

Peace out for now