Freewarp animation visual bug, when having duplicate events

Hey there,
when having multiple duplicated events and using the new free warp tool, there appears a visual bug during warping. All duplicated events move, when only warping one, and then jump back where they where. Not a really big issue, but this irritated me more than a few times.

Steps to reproduce:

  • record audio
  • duplicate it
  • use free warp on one of both audio events

This is because in Preferences > Editing - Audio, you have set On Processing Shared Clips to Create New Version.
So when you edit duplicated Events, it visually takes effect on all of the Events, but then Create New Version is applied automatically instead of showing the dialog box, which makes the other Events to revert to their original state as soon as you release the click.
It just does this because of the order in which the instructions are processed under the hood, hence that is not a bug. If you want it not to behave like that visually, the code would need to be changed so that the Create New Version happens right after initiating the click, and before going into the edit state, but that’s contrary to how it has been designed, the dialog box is supposed to show up after doing the edit. Imagine if the dialog would appear as soon as you click somewhere without even starting to edit :grimacing:

But what about all the other audio processes on clips, where this does not happen? :thinking:

Well, I disabled it, as if not, I would click on 1000 pop up windows a day :sweat_smile: