Freeze after "Back up Project"

Several times I have now experienced that after using the feature “Back up Project” in the File menu, Cubase start to freeze when closing it down (all projects, not just the backed up project) and I have to force quit the app on every exit. The only way to fix it is to trash the preferences, but that is not a viable solution in the long run.

I use the Back up Project feature to copy the whole project to a new folder. Isn’t that the whole point of backing up? So why this weird behaviour by Cubase?


Do I understand you right you do these steps:

  • File > Backup Project (What is the settings? Do you open the new backup project or not? Other settings?)
  • Close (…the project? Which of the project has been opened? Are there any other projects behind?)
    => Freeze.

Am I right?

Could you share your preferences folder (ZIPped), please?

Hi Martin,

Sorry for abandoning my own thread - I’ve been out traveling for a week.
When returning home I’m only able to reproduce this behaviour by opening one specific project. When I back up this particular project, Cubase starts to freeze on Close or Quit Cubase and I have to force quit. Even if I next time open a different project or a new empty template Cubase will keep freeze on exit and the only way to fix it is to trash the preferences.

However, since this issue seem to be linked to one specific project, which somehow must be corrupt, we’ll leave it here. No further detective work required for now.

Anyway, thanks for your interest, very much appreciated.