Freeze All Selected Tracks with One Click

I wanna have the ability to freeze unfreeze selected tracks in one go.


I was thinking about proposing Global freeze feature that includes VSTi as well. Certainly the option to freeze a number of tracks is very appealing.


its even dont seems like a really complicated to program that.

+1. Been requesting it for years.

+1 !!

Indeed, we have the function we need already, now we need just a simple cycle. And it’s really weird that we can’t get it for so long.


yep would love to have this feature…
I find it a pita doing everything one by one!

Also found an issue (but maybe this is by design…) and wouldnt work if freeze all was done

if you have 2 linked tracks, currently you need to freeze one at a time…
after you freeze the first, as it was linked it obvioulsy disables the plugins on the still unfrozen linked track…

So I then needed need to unfreeze track 1, unlink the tracks, enable the plugins on track 2 again, freeze track 1, freeze track 2, link track 1 & 2 again
What a pain!

(the tracks are linked as they are stereo tracked vocals, and need same level/fx etc…)