Freeze and render in place

I don’t know if it’s a topic already discussed, but I hate the different way that Cubase has to freeze and “render in place” the tracks.

If I freeze the track, the final wave includes the side chain.
If I use the “render in place” function, it does not include the side chain. This is because I noticed that when using the “render in place” function cubase puts the track on “solo”.

How do you think of this?

I have no problems with the different options presented to me. I use render in place if I have a messy edit mostly. if I freeze a track I can choose if I want to include the plugins on the channel or just freeze the vsti.

if you render something in a video editor or you render in Ableton Live it is a mixdown of what you got so far so I don’t see the surprise in those results?

I’m just saying that track freezing and “render in place” work differently on the “side chain”