FREEZE: ARA2 with Revoice4

Hey there,

the ARA2 communication between N10 (V10.0and Revoice4 (V4.2.0.19) is causing N10 to freeze (sudden death; not reacting anymore).
I am not talking about limitations here…it simply doesn`t work.

Is this just a problem with Revoice or does it apply to all ARA2 compatible programs with Nuendo?
Anyone also experiencing this?

Is there a Hotfix on the way?


I’m not getting a freeze of N10, but ReVoice will simply stop doing anything at all, except for playback.If I close ReVoice, Nuendo will carry on as usual

Well this sucks, I just bought Nuendo 10 literally 15 minutes ago, and one of the reasons was for ARA2 - and I HEAVILY use revoice 4. WOW. It could only happen to me.

I can test with Cubase 10.5 to see if it does it… I am not planning on activating Nuendo for another month or two so I can get a grace period to 10.5.

BTW, contact synchro arts too if you don’t mind, and I will as well. They are responsive and always answer and REALLY polite. Great peeps.

It does ask a question though… they claim logic pro 10.4.8 is still broken with ARA 2 and therefore revoice pro doesn’t work with it.

Yet, melodyne does.

They keep saying it’s up to apple to fix Logic… but now if it’s got issues with Steinberg apps as well, is it really the DAWs problem or THEIR implementation of ARA? Food for thought.

Is there any other way to transfer audio to and from revoice pro with cubendo? In Pro tools there is no ARA at all but i can do a quick offline transfer each way so it’s totally usable. Logic it can only be done realtime which is incredibly painful.

Well, you can dragndrop Tracks from Cubendo into the Revoice Window to align them.
The point is…you can`t drag the processed files back into Cubae/Nuendo :unamused: -you will have to do an export in RV and import them manually in Cubendo.

i have Nuendo 10.3
and i haven’t REVOICE PRO 4.2.1 in My extensions!!!
i have melodyne and Spectralyer 7 Pro in exnesions
what should i do??
any Idea???